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Truck Driving Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024


The truck driving industry in Alberta, Canada is a vital part of the province’s economy, with thousands of individuals employed as truck drivers. This industry plays a crucial role in transporting goods and materials across the vast landscape of Alberta, connecting businesses and communities across the province.

Alberta is known for its vast natural resources, including oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, and mining. These industries heavily rely on trucks to transport their products to various locations both within the province and beyond its borders. As a result, there is a high demand for skilled truck drivers in Alberta.


One of the main reasons for this high demand is due to Alberta’s geographical location. It is situated between British Columbia and Saskatchewan in western Canada and shares borders with the United States. This strategic location makes it an important transportation hub for goods coming from other provinces or being exported to the US market.

Moreover, Alberta’s thriving economy has led to an increase in construction projects, resulting in a growing need for trucks to transport building materials. The province also has a diverse manufacturing sector that relies on trucks to deliver raw materials and finished products locally and internationally.

In addition to these factors driving the demand for truck drivers in Alberta, there are also several government initiatives aimed at improving road infrastructure throughout the province. These projects not only provide better roads but also create more job opportunities for truck drivers.

Furthermore, with advancements in technology and e-commerce, online shopping has become increasingly popular among Canadians. This trend has increased the volume of goods being transported across provincial and international borders, further fueling the demand for truck drivers.

To meet this high demand, there are various training programs and courses available in Alberta to help individuals become certified truck drivers. These programs cover essential topics such as vehicle inspection, safety regulations, driving techniques, and load securement. They also provide hands-on training to prepare students for on-the-job challenges.

In terms of job opportunities, truck drivers in Alberta can work for large companies or smaller businesses. They may also have the option to specialize in a particular type of trucking, such as long-haul transport or specific industries like oil and gas.

Overview of the Job Market for Truck Drivers in Alberta

The job market for truck drivers in Alberta is currently experiencing a high demand, making it an attractive industry for both Canadian citizens and foreign workers seeking employment opportunities in the country. As one of the largest provinces in Canada, Alberta has a thriving economy that heavily relies on trucking as a means of transportation for goods and commodities.

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According to recent statistics from the Government of Alberta, there are over 42,000 registered commercial trucks operating in the province, with over 29,000 companies involved in trucking activities. This number is expected to grow further in the coming years as more industries continue to expand and require efficient transportation services.

One of the main factors contributing to this increase in demand for truck drivers is the booming oil and gas industry in Alberta. The province is known for its vast reserves of natural resources such as oil sands and natural gas, which require regular transportation to different locations within and outside the province. This translates into a constant need for skilled and reliable truck drivers who can handle long-haul routes and deliver goods safely and on time.

Aside from the energy sector, other industries also heavily rely on trucking services. Agriculture, forestry, construction, manufacturing – these are just some of the key sectors that require efficient transport of their products or materials across Alberta. With such diverse industries present in the province, there is always a steady demand for qualified individuals who can operate various types of commercial vehicles.

Moreover, due to its geographical location and well-developed road infrastructure, Alberta serves as an important gateway for trucking activities between Western Canada and the rest of North America. This makes it an attractive place for truck drivers to work, as it offers opportunities for both local and long-haul routes.

In terms of salary, truck driving is considered a well-paying job in Alberta. The average hourly wage for a truck driver in the province is $28.57, which can go up to $40 or more depending on experience and type of vehicle operated. Many companies also offer attractive benefits packages, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and bonuses.

Overall, the job market for truck drivers in Alberta is robust and expected to continue growing in the years to come. With a high demand for skilled drivers and competitive wages and benefits, it is an excellent industry for individuals looking for stable employment opportunities in the province.

Benefits of a Truck Driving Career in Canada

1. Job Security and Stability

Truck driving is an essential part of Canada’s economy, with over 90% of goods being transported by trucks. With this high demand for transportation services, there is job security and stability for truck drivers. The need for goods to be delivered across the country ensures that there will always be job opportunities for skilled and reliable drivers.

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2. High Earning Potential

Truck drivers in Canada can earn competitive wages, making it an attractive career choice. According to Statistics Canada, the average annual salary for truck drivers in Alberta is $65,000 – significantly higher than other industries’ average salaries.

Moreover, as you gain experience and develop additional skills such as operating different types of trucks or hauling specialized cargo, your earning potential increases even further.

3. Opportunity for Advancement

Truck driving offers various opportunities for growth and advancement within the industry. As you gain more experience and demonstrate exceptional performance on the job, you may have access to better-paying jobs or positions with more significant responsibilities.

You could also choose to become an owner-operator or start your own trucking business if you have entrepreneurial aspirations.

4. Travel Opportunities

Truck driving also offers the opportunity to travel across Canada and explore its vast and diverse landscapes. You could see different parts of the country while earning a living, making it an appealing option for individuals who love adventure and new experiences.

Visa Sponsorship for Truck Drivers in Canada

To work as a truck driver in Canada, you will need a valid work permit or permanent residency status. For foreign workers, obtaining a work permit can be challenging without a job offer from a Canadian employer.

However, some trucking companies in Canada offer visa sponsorship to foreign drivers to address the shortage of skilled workers in the industry. This means that they will facilitate your work permit application and cover any associated costs.

Moreover, if you are eligible and meet specific criteria, you may also apply for permanent residency through one of Canada’s immigration programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Requirements for Truck Driving Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

To be eligible for truck driving jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada, you will typically need:

  • A Valid Driver’s License
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Trucking Experience
  • Good Physical Health
  • Language Proficiency in English or French

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Top 10 truck driving jobs in Alberta with visa sponsorship

Here are the top 10 truck driving jobs in Alberta that offer visa sponsorship:

1. Long Haul Truck Driver

This job involves transporting goods over long distances within Canada or cross-border to the United States. Companies such as Bison Transport, Challenger Motor Freight Inc., and TransX Group of Companies offer visa sponsorship for this role.

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Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer
Link: www.bisontransport.com/careers

2. Heavy Haul Truck Driver

This position requires specialized skills in hauling oversized or overweight loads such as heavy equipment and machinery. In Alberta, companies like Mammoet Transportation offer visa sponsorship for this role.

Location: Fort McMurray
Link: https://www.mammoet.com/

3. Tanker Truck Driver

These drivers transport liquids or gases such as oil, gas, and chemicals. Companies like Trimac Transportation provide visa sponsorship for tanker truck drivers in Alberta.

Location: Calgary
Link: www.trimac.com/careers

4. Dump Truck Driver

These drivers operate trucks designed to haul loose materials such as gravel, sand and dirt from construction sites to dump locations. Companies like Ledcor Group sponsor visas for dump truck drivers in Alberta.

Location: Edmonton , Fort McMurray
Link: www.ledcor.com/careers

5. Flatbed Truck Driver

This job involves hauling oversized or bulky items that can’t fit in a standard truck or trailer. Companies like Westcan Bulk Transport offer visa sponsorship for flatbed truck drivers in Alberta.

Location: Calgary, Edmonton
Link: www.westcanbulk.ca/careers

6. Moving Truck Driver

These drivers transport household goods and furniture for individuals or companies relocating to a new location. Companies such as Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co. provide visa sponsorship for this role in Alberta.

Location: Calgary, Edmonton
Link: www.twosmallmen.com/careers

7. Delivery Truck Driver

This role involves transporting products from warehouses to retail stores or directly to customers’ homes. Companies like Purolator, FedEx Express Canada, and UPS offer visa sponsorship for delivery truck drivers in Alberta.

Location: Calgary, Edmonton
Link: Purolator: https://careers.purolator.com/errorpage/?errortype=Exception

8. Tow Truck Driver

These drivers transport disabled or illegally parked vehicles to repair shops or impound lots. Companies like Alberta Auto Transport offer visa sponsorship for tow truck drivers in Alberta.

Location: Edmonton, Calgary
Link: www.albertatransport.ca/careers.html

9. Logging Truck Driver

This job involves hauling logs from the forest to sawmills and lumber yards. Companies like West Fraser Timber Co Ltd sponsor visas for logging truck drivers in Alberta.

Location: Hinton
Link: www.westfraser.com/careers/current-opportunities/

10. Food and Beverage Delivery Truck Driver

These drivers deliver food and beverages to restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that sell food products. Companies such as Sysco Canada provide visa sponsorship for this role in Alberta.

Location: Calgary, Edmonton
Link: Gordon Food Service

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