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List of 7 Military Schools in Kentucky


Do you want to get acquainted with military schools in Kentucky? Then, you just bumped into one interesting article that would expose your knowledge about everything you desire to know about major military schools in Kentucky. Grab a bottle of chilled coke and enjoy your read!

Kentucky is a state located in the southern region of the United States. Its capital city is Frankfort, and its largest city is Louisville. Kentucky is primarily known for its horse racing, bourbon, bluegrass music, and southern hospitality.


Military schools are educational establishments that are created to prepare students with a structured and disciplined environment that emphasizes physical fitness, self-discipline, and respect for authority.

These schools are often used to prepare young people for military careers, but they can also be useful for students who are interested in pursuing other careers that require leadership, discipline, and physical fitness.

Military schools can be found in various countries around the world for instance, there are military schools in Canada that you can enroll in. In the United States, military schools can be divided into two main categories: service academies and military prep schools

Since this article is talking about Kentucky and military schools, I will be diving into some of the military schools you can find in Kentucky proper.

Military Schools in Kentucky

There are so many military schools that can be found in Kentucky, I will be listing them out here.

  • Western Kentucky University ROTC
  • Recruiting and Retention College
  • Military Adventure camp
  • The University of Louisville
  • Bluegrass Challenge Academy
  • Appalachian Challenge Academy
  • The University of Kentucky AROTC

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  • Western Kentucky University ROTC

This is the first on our list of military schools in Kentucky. Western Kentucky University is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a city with a population of more than 60,000 approximately 110 miles south of Louisville and 65 miles north of Nashville.  At Western Kentucky University, over 200 students take Army ROTC courses on campus each year. They can be students from engineering, science, business, government, English, and almost all other academic fields.

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Western Kentucky University’s undergraduate division provides four-year programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the Bachelor of Music, and the Bachelor of Social Work degrees.

In addition, WKU offers six (6) associate degree programs, sixty-nine (69) certificate programs, forty-eight (48) master’s degree programs, two (2) specialist degree programs, and four (4) doctoral degree programs. Each year, about 15 WKU students complete the Army ROTC program and earn commissions as Army officers.

  • Recruiting and Retention College

This is the second school on the list of military schools in Kentucky. The Recruiting and Retention College (RRC) is accredited by the Army Quality Assurance Office (QAO), which is part of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

Their mission specifically is to recruit America’s best and brightest volunteers that can deploy, fight, and win. This college is responsible for incorporating quality young men and women into the Army, their objective is to recruit people who will complete their tours of duty and contribute their quota to the Nation’s defense. Each brigade commands up to eight recruiting battalions within its geographic area for a total of 44 battalions.

Each battalion commands the recruiting companies in its area. Two hundred sixty-one companies provide the tactical control of recruiting stations. The Medical Recruiting Brigade consists of five Medical Recruiting Battalions across the Command and the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion. The Marketing and Engagement Brigade oversees the U.S. Army Parachute Team, U.S. Army Marksmanship Team, and the Mission Support Battalion.

  • Military Adventure Camp

This is the next school on our list of military schools in Kentucky. This school is regarded as one of the best summer camps in Kentucky. These Courses listed below are for the Military Adventure Camp Program for between the ages of about 12-18. All recruits must learn the  Basic Cadet Training courses which Include:

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BASIC CADET TRAINING:  These recruits learn military drills and ceremonies, and they also run obstacles, join in the water survival, and also learn basic workmanship.

CADET AIRBORNE JUMP SCHOOL:  The cadet airborne jump school is only limited to Cadets 18 years and older. It includes training, flights, and 10, 000 foot jumps

NEW: MILITARY POLICE:  This is a two weeks course that covers everything that ranges from transport logistics to Hostile Environment Awareness which has the acronym as (HEAT). And so many others.

  • University of Louisville

This is one of a research university that is located in metropolitan which is the largest area in Kentucky. The University of Louisville pursues excellence in its entire doings and hence, helps in teaching graduates and undergraduates including students who are professional so as to develop engaged citizens, leaders and scholars.

They also help in providing engaged services and outreach that improve the quality of life. The University is also interested in achieving superiority as a metropolitan research university which is nationally recognized.

  • Bluegrass Challenge Academy

The bluegrass challenge academy provides students with services from around the commonwealth of Kentucky.  It also accepts applications all year round. Their classes starts twice each year and continues for 22 Weeks.

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One of the pre requisite for the program is that the students must complete the 12-month post-residential phase in order to successfully complete the Youth Challenge Program. The Academy graduates at about 200 students each year

  • Appalachian Challenge Academy

This is the next on our list of schools in Kentucky. The Appalachian Challenge Academy was opened in the summer of 2012 and is located in Harlan, Kentucky.

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Their mission is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of 16 – 18 year old Kentuckians and produce program graduates with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in society.

  • The University of Kentucky AROTC

The university of Kentucky was founded in the year 1865. In the times past, it was known as Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky. The Army ROTC celebrated its 100 years anniversary.

Army ROTC prepares university students to excel in any competitive environment. The leadership training and experiences that students have in Army ROTC will provide them with stable foundation to become commissioned Army Officers upon graduation.

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