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How to Showcase Your Personal Attributes in Online Career Fairs and Networking Events

Going for job interviews can be infuriating and sometimes frustrating, owing to the rigorous procedure’s one needs to follow in order to get the jobs.  And sometimes the experience with recruiters can be soul sapping and demoralizing.  Thou currently most of this interview are currently coming online owing to the technological innovation that accompanied COVID 19 Pandemic and to help maintain social distancing.  This comes with several benefits like not having a large and intimidating crowds of applicants who may discourage you and not having to dress in your corporate attire’s to impress the judges. Thou this events has its own challenges.


Tips on how to prepare for a virtual career fair

In order to impress and get your dream job, this tips will help you Excel in your interviews and get your employers to want you in their firm.

  • Always be prepared

Online job interviews needs you to be prepared for any emergency or reschedule, most organization wants to know how you can be able to measure of tasks and meet deadline, so they may call you an hour early.   The steps involved are as follows

Make sure you pre register for the events, especially with the job losses incurred as a result of the COVID 19. So it’s better you register on time.

Get your CV ready and your work related sample should someone need it for you to easily send it.

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Do a thorough research on the companies coming for the events in order to be able to meet their criteria, and also ask informed questions when their representative is speaking. 

Finally try and have a back up should your laptop or network disappoint you.

  • Practice your sell point

Job fairs requires you to be able to sell yourself,  Try your best to impress the organizer’s and this will give you the opportunity to stand out above your peers. Adequate practice on how to pitch your self is needed. You can rehearse with a friend and see how you can present your skills to catch the attention of the different organization, Currently many recruiters wants someone who is empathic and can be able to relate with staff and potential clients. You can click here for more on interview preparation https://www.livecareer.com/resources/interviews/prep/intvres

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  • Dress to impress

Your dressings will speak for you more than your CV, as it reflects a lot about who you are as a person. Forbes recounts how impression of a person is dependent on the first few seconds in the interview room, non-verbal cues are four times more impactful than what’s actually being said. Try to put a smile, and project confidence. 

You can sell yourself beyond by your dressings, as a fashion designer you can get the attention of the firm’s by using your attire.

  • Ask Questions

This is where majority of the attendants make mistake,  immediately they moderator says any questions for us,  try to use that moment to showcase your personality.  You can ask questions like what a typical day in office looks like,  questions like why is the job available will help you to know how the relationship between the organization and her staff is,  asking questions like are there any reservations that you’d have about hiring me that I can reassure you about?  Will help. 

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